31 Days with God  is a site created by Russ Harless and Gregg Strawbridge to promote a daily devotional time. Our goal is to provide a practical way to get into the Word of God  as a resource for devotions, prayer, and worship. Our first example was 31 Days in the Psalms (which will be made available again). We also did 31 Days in the Reformation and GS did 30 Days in the Proverbs. For a short time the site addressed Advent, the preparation for Christmas, following Revised Common Lectionary readings for that season of the Church Year. Now we are running the 31 Days in the Psalms content again. Russ Harless is Ruling Elder and seminarian at Crossings Community Church (ARP in Columbia, SC).  Gregg Strawbridge is the pastor of All Saints Church (CREC in Lancaster, PA).


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