How to Use 31 Days with God

We encourage you to commit to using 31 Days with God to grow in your personal devotional life, in prayer, and your understanding and application of the Word of God.

For May 2014, we developed 31 Days in the Psalms.  We encourage you to keep a journal (paper or digitally) in order to write out the answers and prayers.

  • Begin with a journal entry (1) that honestly expresses where you are in your faith, your walk with God, your confidence in knowing the truth of the Christian faith, and your sense of God hearing your prayers (in a paragraph or so).
  • Commit to do each of the 31 Days so that by the end of a month or so, you will have actually completed it.
  • When you have completed the 31 Days, write a followup entry in your journal, like entry (1) before you began. This should be journal entry 33 (1 at the beginning, 31 Days, 1 at the end). Did this affect your walk with God?

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